Finding a Job in Law School

job in law

Meet One, Two, and Three. One has been working at a congressional office for two-plus years, and she is going to be your classmate. She wants to be a federal prosecutor, but is open to getting some related experience at a place like the ASPCA during one of her summers.

Choosing a Law Firm: Which One is Right for You?

“All Law Firms Are the Same” You have probably heard this phrase several times since you’ve been in law school.  It’s thrown around a lot and, indeed, most law students buy into it before they actually start working at a law firm.  Yes, many aspects of large law firms are similar—salary, office locations, and practice […]

Top 5 Reasons to Get Connected to Law Firms Before OCI

Let’s face it, you’re busy.  You have classes, grades, relationships, and many other things to worry about. So, why should you spend time meeting top law firms now?  Here are some reasons to start early: #5 – Stand Out – OCI is a volume process with lots of firms and lots of students, so it […]