What you need to know about LearnLeo


What is LearnLeo?

LearnLeo is a set of productivity tools for law students.  Students who use LearnLeo can:

  • Study on the go. We put all of your assigned cases online so you can use your laptop, tablet, or phone to access and read your assignments anywhere, any time.
  • Efficiently prepare for class. Our patent-pending annotation and highlighting tools allow you to analyze case law quickly and efficiently, without briefing.
  • Get ahead. The time that you save using LearnLeo to read and prepare for class can be reinvested in outlining your materials and taking practice exams so that you can ace all of your courses.

Here’s the best thing about LearnLeo — it’s absolutely FREE for students.


Is LearnLeo available at my school?

Yes! We support all law students in the United States.

We also offer career support to students at the following schools:


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How much time will I save by using LearnLeo?

Students have reported saving as much as ⅓ of their class preparation time using LearnLeo. Use that extra time to double down on the things that really improve grades. Think about it. How will you get ahead with an extra ten hours each week?


Can using LearnLeo improve my grades?

If you use the time you save with LearnLeo wisely, you can definitely improve your grades.

During their first year of law school, the majority of students spend too much time briefing cases. Whether you brief in a Word document or by hand in a book, the time you spend briefing is time that you take away from outlining.

Outlining your materials throughout the semester can be crucial to your success on exams. By replacing traditional case briefing with LearnLeo, you can effectively prepare for class and be ready for cold calls without penalizing yourself by taking time away from outlining.


Are the cases on LearnLeo the exact same version of the cases in my book?

LearnLeo cases are similar to, but slightly more inclusive than, what’s featured in your casebook.  The abridgments of the cases in your book are copyrighted and therefore cannot be reproduced exactly by LearnLeo.


If I use LearnLeo, do I need to buy my casebook?

Generally, yes. While LearnLeo provides you with the cases you need to read for class, we cannot provide the additional materials, such as comments and questions, that your professor may assign.

In addition to saving you time, LearnLeo allows you to leave your books in one place (we recommend leaving it at school) so you won’t need to be in the same place as your casebooks to be productive. You can prepare your cases from anywhere with LearnLeo and read the limited materials in between the cases when you have your book in front of you.


Does LearnLeo support all law school classes?

We support all of your case-based classes. If you don’t see your class materials on our site, let us know, and we will do our best to include them! The more students that ask us to support a certain class, the higher priority it will be for the LearnLeo team. So, tell your classmates to register and request their class materials!


What happens when I lose my Internet connection?

If you are using LearnLeo on a laptop or desktop you can highlight and take notes on your cases even when the Internet goes out. Just make sure you reconnect to the Internet before navigating away from any LearnLeo pages so that your work is saved.

If your classroom does not allow internet you can still use LearnLeo on your laptop; just make sure you have tabs open with your assigned cases before you go to class. Remember to reconnect to the Internet before navigating away from the pages.

If you are using our iPad or iPhone app, you’ll be able to access LearnLeo cases without an Internet connection.


Can I backup my work on my laptop?

Of course! The navigation bar in each case has a download button which, when clicked, downloads your notes and highlights to a .docx file that you can save to your computer.  You can download all your notes for a class to a single Word doc by using the Outline feature.


Can I learn how to read and analyze cases on LearnLeo?

Yes! If you sign up before law school starts, you’ll be able to take our free law school prep course. Thousands of prospective students have prepared for their first term in law school with LearnLeo’s interactive exercises.

LearnLeo Pre-Law students can also access dozens of the most popular law school cases which they can use to hone their new skills. You can compare your work to ours to make sure you are making progress.

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