How to use LearnLeo for Law Firm Recruiting and Interview Preparation



What does LearnLeo Careers do?

LearnLeo Careers makes your job search easier by allowing you to:

  1. Research efficiently: Access all the relevant info about law firms from over 15 websites (including NALP, Chambers, Above the Law, and Vault) in one place.
  2. Build relationships: Reach out to law firms you like in an efficient, professional manner that law firms actually prefer over resume drops or random cold calls to alumni.
  3. Find your bidding strategy: Build your bid list for on-campus interviews using an easy, drag-and-drop interface.

Can I apply for a summer job on LearnLeo Careers?

Not yet, but do these 2 things through LearnLeo Careers to set yourself up for summer success:

  1. Read our emails. A few times a month our partner law firms have recruiting events or notify us of employment opportunities. Don’t miss out by ignoring our emails.
  2. Send Intros. Touch base with your favorite law firms in preparation for your on-campus interviews.

Has anyone gotten a job through LearnLeo?

Yup. Just one example is Peter L., a Duke 2L. Here’s his story in his own words:

“I first reached out to Paul Hastings, where I will be a summer associate, using an Intro through LearnLeo. The firm was very interested in the site. If you’re not using LearnLeo for research, your bid list, and networking with law firms, you’re missing out.”

Why should I complete my LearnLeo career profile?

It’s simple, really: the more information you provide, the more likely that law firms are going to want to connect with you. The best way to grab their attention is to provide them with a complete picture of who you are as a student. To fill out your career profile, click here.  

Who sees the information in my LearnLeo profile?

Only law firms can see your profile, and only if you express interest in them. You can read our exhaustive information sharing policy here.

I don’t see the law firm I like on LearnLeo Careers, can I ask you to add it?

Sure thing! If you don’t see the law firm you’re looking for, click “Request a firm here” on the search page or just click here. This form allows you to send us the name of the law firm, which we will try to add within 7 days of your request.

What is a “Partner Firm”?

Our Partner Firms have teamed up with LearnLeo to meet students in a more personal and efficient way. Our partners regularly post exclusive job opportunities for LearnLeo users and host events that are announced on their law firm profile.

What is an Intro?

Intros are an efficient, professional way for you to express your interest in law firms. Here is how they work:

  1. Find a law firm that you like on LearnLeo Careers;
  2. Click into their law firm profile; and
  3. Hit the “Send Intro” button.

Then we send your Career Profile anonymously (i.e. without your name and email address) to our contacts at that law firm.

If the law firm expresses interest in you, we will put the two of you in touch. If the law firm isn’t interested, they don’t know who you are, so there’s basically no risk in reaching out.

There are a number of strategies to get the most out of your Intros – check out our blog post on how to maximize their value here.

What happens when I send an Intro?

When you send an Intro, we send the law firm your career profile, anonymously. We DO NOT send your name, email, or any other info. If a law firm is interested, we send your name and email. Learn more.

If I send an Intro to a partner law firm, am I more likely to get a response?

Probably, but not necessarily. We deliver all of your Intros to both partner and non-partner law firms.

I’m a 1L and haven’t gotten my grades or journal yet, should I send an Intro to the law firms I am interested in now, or wait?

You should send Intros and connect with firms as early as possible. Law firms want to connect with students early, so and you should reach out as soon as you are interested in a law firm. Few 1Ls appreciate that law firms are really busy during the summer with their 2L summer associate classes and may not have time to spend getting to know you, so your best bet is probably to build a relationship during the spring. Figuring out whether you’ll be happy at a law firm takes longer than 1 or 2 visits or a couple of interviews. As your academic and extracurricular profile changes, you can keep law firms up-to-date when you’ve established a relationship.

If I send an Intro and no one responds, does that mean I have no chance with that law firm at OCI?

Absolutely not. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back after sending an Intro — law firms are busy so it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Plus there are law firms that may be a better fit so keep sending your Intros!

Why should I use LearnLeo to put together my bid list?

Our bid list tool is all about you. We designed it to allow you to research and play with different bidding strategies, all with the goal of helping you find your ideal bidding strategy. Symplicity is designed as a data-entry tool, not an exploration and experimentation tool. When you’ve settled on your bid list in LearnLeo, simply login and pop your bids into Symplicity.

I only have 5 Intros, how can I get more?

If you use all 5 of your Intros, you may be able to get more. Just email your request to and we’ll tell you how.

Do you work with career services at my school?

This past year, the career services offices at Northwestern, USC, and Georgetown recommended that their students use LearnLeo to research law firms, organize their bid list, and make connections. As our reputation and track record grows, we expect many more schools to recommend LearnLeo to their students.


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