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Many students spend up to 150 hours researching career options during law school. That research tends to be heavy on superficial info but light on insight. We designed our Career Portal to take the guesswork out of researching law firms. You’ll save time because we put all the crucial info in one place. When you’re done researching, we’ll put you in touch with the firms you like so that you can find the right fit (you can’t do that part online) and find the right law firm for you. Ready?

You’re going to learn how to:

  • 1. Market yourself. Create a Career Profile.
  • 2. Get Organized. Build your bid list.
  • 3. Get connected. Request an Intro.

Accessing Your Career Profile

STEP 1: Market yourself. Create a Career Profile. Ask any practicing attorney — all law firms are not the same. You need to meet attorneys to figure out the differences. As you might imagine, this process takes more than a few days during on-campus interviews. First things first: those attorneys are going to want to know a bit about you. So create your profile, dust off that suit, and get ready to introduce yourself.

STEP 2: Get organized. Build your bid list. Once you create a Career Profile, you can begin browsing our law firm profiles. You can easily filter firms by office location, firm type, firm size, and GPA requirements. You can also track up to 60 firms by adding them to your bid list (you can take private notes on those firms, too).

Learn more about our bid list here.

Accessing Your Bid List

Our law firm profiles include the vital info you need about each law firm — from starting salary to GPA and billable hour requirements. Our firm profiles also include your law school’s alumni presence, so you can see the number of attorneys and partners at each firm who graduated from your school.

LearnLeo Partner Firms

At Paul Hastings, our top priority is delivering outstanding client service and practice excellence. Thus, we are committed to hiring the right associates for our firm. In our experience, the better an attorney fits into our firm’s culture, the more successful that attorney is long term. Making an initial determination on that fit in a 20-minute interview can be difficult. That’s why we are working with LearnLeo to meet students more organically, over time, and with less pressure. We believe that this approach can lead to more informed decisions and more successful outcomes for everyone.

Cynthia Hasson

Director of Talent Acquisition, Paul Hastings LLP

Vault #1: Best Law Firm to Work For

Our partner firms have connected with LearnLeo because they want to meet you. They’re creating content with LearnLeo students in mind, including the best ways to interact with them and their attorneys (like using your Intros). Keep checking in with us: we’re continually adding new partner firms.

STEP 3: Get connected. Send an Intro. But researching law firms isn’t enough; you also have to build relationships with firms before OCI. That’s why we created a simple way to get in touch with the right people at those firms: Intros. Just pick a firm (whether it’s on your bid list or not), click “Send Intro,” and LearnLeo will let the firm know you’re interested. No need to stress about your cover letter or resume — we’ll share the information from your Career Profile with the firm anonymously and, if they like what they see, we’ll provide them with your contact info.

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, check out the Career Portal to land the right job with the right firm.

Think it’s too early to start connecting? Check out 5 reasons to connect with firms now.

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