Start your Legal Career Search Engines: Use Intros to Land a Law Firm Job

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Intros are an efficient, professional way to express your interest in law firms. Created by former law students for current law students, Intros give you:

  • complete control over what information law firms will (and won’t) see
  • a fast, risk-free, and stress-free way to contact firms
  • a competitive edge once interview season starts

Just create your career profile then send an Intro to get connected.

Send an Intro!

1. You’re in control – and you’ll never get pre-screened.

When you send an Intro, you choose what information goes to firms. We only share the information that you include in your career profile. We don’t include your name or email address!

After we send your anonymous career profile to the law firms you sent an Intro to, firms let us know whether they are currently interested in your anonymous information. Only if a firm expresses interest in you will we provide your contact information to the firm.

This way, you’ll never be pre-screened by law firms if you send them an Intro. If a firm doesn’t select your profile — no harm, no foul. If a firm does select your profile, we’ll put you in touch. No-risk, high reward!

Intros are an easy, risk-free way to get an inside edge on the interviewing season.

We send
  • Your career profile (except your name or email address)
We DO NOT send
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your bid list
  • Your search history
  • Notes you’ve taken
  • Intros you’ve sent to other firms
  • Any info you provide LearnLeo OTHER THAN on your career profile

2. Reduce stress and save time.

Just the thought of mass-mailing law firms sends many students into a stressed-induced tailspin, and for good reason –it’s an inefficient, time-consuming process. Plus, a single typo could blow up your chances.

Mail-merge? It’s an easy way to confuse recruiters by sending them a letter accidentally addressed to a different law firm. (By the way, your secret is out: recruiters know about mail-merge, and they know a stock cover letter when they see one.)

Intros are designed to avoid all that. No need to stress about your cover letter or resume — we’ll share the information from your career profile directly with the main recruiting contacts at the firms of your choice.

3. Get an edge finding the job you want.

Why send Intros now? Because you’ll gain an advantage finding the job you want once interview season starts. Here are a few ways to use Intros to make your search more effective:

  • Reach out to firms that don’t interview at your school. Come August 1st, firm recruiters focus on on-campus interviewing and almost nothing else. The last thing these recruiters will be doing is reviewing resumes they receive via email, so send an Intro early when you you can grab their attention.
  • Connect with firms while you’re in town for the summer. If you’re spending the summer in a market that you’ll target for post-grad employment, then now is the best time to show firms that (a) you’re interested and (b) you can demonstrate that you want to work where they have an office.
  • Don’t lose the bid list lottery. So you placed a high priority on a firm in your bid list but you have no idea if you’ll get an interview slot through the lottery. Send the firm an Intro now to let them know you’re interested, and try to set up a face-to-face meeting with the firm over the summer or when they come on campus.

You get 5 Intros to start and you’ll have the chance to earn more, so don’t hoard them: let law firms know you’re interested now. Intros are the fastest, stress-free way to build your network of contacts at desirable law firms before the fall interview season.

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