Surviving the Socratic Method: What you need to know

For students beginning law school, one of the most common fears is the Socratic method of questioning. The Socratic method is the infamous way that law professors teach: rather than lecturing to students, they engage students in a guided question and answer session to lead students to a conclusion. The point of employing the Socratic […]

Importance of 1L Grades

Nothing generates more anxiety than 1L grades. For most students, preparing for class, not missing class, outlining, and studying hard for exams will yield successful results.

How to Format Case Briefs on LearnLeo

Students save up to 1/3 of their class preparation time by briefing cases with our patent-pending platform. Go ahead, add it up: that’s hours every day. What would you do with a few extra hours every day?

Law School Outlines: It’s All About When You Start

When it comes to separating good law students from great ones, there’s one key difference: how they approach outlining. While most students tend to worry about how to create law school outlines, the better questions are when to start the process and what to do with your law school outlines once you’ve created them. In […]

Hacking Law School with LearnLeo

Many in the LearnLeo community have asked us about how LearnLeo was designed to be used.  With that in mind, here are some tips for hacking law school with LearnLeo: Brief your “main cases.”  Save time by highlighting and taking notes on your cases and automatically generating a case brief that can be easily integrated […]

Top 5 Advantages of Using LearnLeo For Case Briefs

case briefs

Save Time Every Day – Students using LearnLeo to prepare their case briefs online have reduced their class preparation time by up to 33%.  What could you do with an extra two hours per day?  Spend more time building your outlines during the semester, reviewing your class notes, and enjoying life outside of school.

How to Brief a Case

Knowing how brief cases is essential to success in law school, particularly for new students. In this post, we’ll discuss: The elements of a case brief Historic case briefing methods Case briefing with LearnLeo