Top 5 Advantages of Using LearnLeo For Case Briefs

case briefs
  1. Save Time Every Day – Students using LearnLeo to prepare their case briefs online have reduced their class preparation time by up to 33%.  What could you do with an extra two hours per day?  Spend more time building your outlines during the semester, reviewing your class notes, and enjoying life outside of school.
  2. Save Time During Finals – Time is particularly critical during finals.  Students have a little over 2 weeks to take 4 exams.  Our experience and research shows that the best students enter this period with drafts of their outlines nearly complete and spend most of their time condensing their outlines and taking practice exams.  Yet, many students find themselves scrambling to create outlines during exam period, stifled by disorganized notes and the time-consuming process of transcribing notes trapped in their casebooks.  LearnLeo case briefs can be easily integrated into outlines.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Start saving time during finals by using LearnLeo today.
  3. Learn How to Brief Cases Faster – Students new to creating case briefs tend to have difficulty discerning what’s truly important in an opinion, with the result being overly highlighted cases and excessively long case briefs.  With LearnLeo you can highlight to your heart’s content, but when you get through the case and learn what was determinative of the outcome, you can quickly go back through the case and easily delete or change your highlights and notes.  Try doing that with a book and highlighter.
  4. Backup Your Work – Someone you know will have their laptop crash this semester.  It happens every year.  With LearnLeo, your notes and highlights reside securely in the cloud.  But we also gave students two ways to easily download their case briefs to their computer.  So if your computer crashes, you can just re-download your case briefs from our servers.  Though we trust our servers, we recommend that you download your case briefs regularly to ensure easy access to your case briefs, even when you’re offline.
  5. Unchain Yourself From Your Books – Because LearnLeo only supports cases, you still need your casebooks.  But why carry them around with you everywhere you go?  With LearnLeo, you can get work done anywhere you have access to a computer and an internet connection.  Leave your books in one place . . . unless you want the workout.
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