Want to be a
LearnLeo Campus Rep?

We'd love to have you.

Why should I work for LearnLeo?

  • Earn extra spending cash. We know your time is valuable so we want to compensate you for the work you do for us.

    Be in the know. Our Reps are the first to know about new LearnLeo products and often help us beta test new tools and features.

    Access to insider career advice. The LearnLeo team is a great resource to answer any and all job-related questions and will provide support during your job search.

How do I apply?

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. Send us a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) telling us who you are and why you would be an awesome Rep.

    Tell us where you are headed. Make sure you include which law school you will be attending in the fall.

    Send us your resume. Make sure to attach an updated resume to your email before you send it our way.