Top 5 Reasons to Get Connected to Law Firms Before OCI

Let’s face it, you’re busy.  You have classes, grades, relationships, and many other things to worry about. So, why should you spend time meeting top law firms now?  Here are some reasons to start early:

#5Stand Out – OCI is a volume process with lots of firms and lots of students, so it can be hard to differentiate yourself. By connecting with firms before OCI, you can make yourself more than just a name on a resume.

#4Get [Human] Advice – The Google can only give you so much information.  You should also talk to some people.  The folks in your law school career center can be invaluable – they know you and they know the firms.  But we want to give you access to the best resource, folks that used to be like you and are now where you want to be.

#3Be More than Your GPA –During OCI, call-back decisions tend to be made based on GPA. Can you really blame firms? They don’t have much else to go on.  And a 20 minute interview isn’t going to give them a lot more. Connecting early with their attorneys will.

#2Warm Interviews – … are much better than cold interviews.  Knowing folks at a firm and some inside information before OCI can tilt your interviewers’ attitude in your favor immediately. People want to hire people they already know and like. Unfortunately, law students don’t always know where to start when it comes to meeting practicing attorneys. We’d like to change that.

#1Square Pegs and Round Holes – Most likely you will get a job, but we want you to get the right job.  It can be hard to find out where that job is in a 20 minute interview. At LearnLeo, we want to help you find the right fit, so you aren’t forced to try to be what you think the firm wants you to be.

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