User Stories: How Your Classmates Use LearnLeo to Get Better Grades

We caught up with a few of our users to find out more about how they use LearnLeo to:

  • Outline faster and get better grades
  • Read for class from anywhere
  • Prepare for class

Here’s what they had to say.

Get better grades by making the most of your time.

Most law students spend ⅓ of their study time creating and organizing their briefs when they should be building their outlines and taking practice exams. We designed our case briefing tools to make case briefing faster so you can focus on what counts.

Carl S

The best thing LearnLeo did was free up my time for more effective study methods.

I used LearnLeo combined with Spritz…for almost all of my casebook reading. This saved me an unbelievable amount of time and let me focus on things that I found more essential to success (reading E&E’s and taking practice tests)…

LearnLeo had an unbelievably positive impact on my grades. After using LearnLeo almost exclusively for my second semester, I was able to transfer to Yale. I cannot overstate how essential LearnLeo was to my success.

– Carl, Yale 2L

I used LearnLeo for class notes which ultimately formed the backbone of my outlines. I believe it helped free up more time to study.

– Matt, UCLA 2L

[LearnLeo] was important. I used it to create my outline and search for terms in cases that I remembered but couldn’t find. It was great to be able to pull the text from the cases directly into an outline. I did very well 1L year. I don’t know exactly how much of that was me and how much of that was LearnLeo, but LearnLeo helped.

– Chris, Michigan 2L

Read for class from anywhere.

Daily commutes and airport layovers double as great study opportunities — which is a lot easier if you don’t need your casebooks.



While I knew this when I started 1L, I didn’t always take it the most seriously: always stay up to date on readings. LearnLeo can help with this because you always have your books with you.

I was in a long distance relationship the first half of 1L and was flying a lot to see my partner. At first I had to decide which readings were most important because I could only carry so many books back with me. I inevitably would get behind and have to stay up late a night or two to get them done when I got back. After I signed up for LL it was nice to take only my laptop on the plane and get all my readings done. LL is a savior for anyone that has a long commute or travels frequently. I can’t pull a textbook and a pen and highlighter out on the train to class, but I certainly can use my iPad and LL.

– Madison, UChicago 2L


Overall I just loved the convenience – all I had to bring to school most days was an iPad or laptop. There was legitimately no reason to lug around a typical 50 lbs 1L backpack. My lumbar really owes you!

– Carl, Yale 2L

Faster class prep means you’re more prepared.

Highlight and take notes in your cases and LearnLeo will automatically generate a standalone case brief.

Dana Wallace

The ability to use different colors to highlight parts of the case and have that condensed into my notes was really helpful. It made briefing so much easier and cold calls that much less stressful.

– Dana, UVA 2L


My favorite features were that almost all the cases were digitized, easy to organize for case briefing, and easy to copy and paste to Word. Of these, I really liked the highlighting feature which organized my highlights of the case into sections (facts, procedure, etc.).

– Matthew, UCLA 2L
Brett Hebert

I would brief each case and use ALL CAPS annotations to keep track of various sections of the case, so I was able to easily navigate in class when called upon. The way I was able to annotate my briefs…allowed me to answer cold calls quickly and accurately in class. I was MUCH more effective when called upon when I’d briefed in LearnLeo.

– Brett, Northwestern 2L


…The highlighting and notes were mostly useful for making sure I had the facts, holding, etc. of the cases down and easily accessible for any questions posed in class — I would print them out if a class didn’t allow laptops, or just have it in a new window when we went over the case.

– Casey, UVA 2L


We’re always looking for ways to make LearnLeo better — tell us how you use LearnLeo (and what you wish was different about our tools) and you might just be featured in our next user showcase!

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